We're a veteran owned and operated, faith-based nonprofit organization founded by Kalani Creutzburg, a Marine veteran who found himself homeless in 2015. After raising his hand and asking for help through various programs in the community he eventually got himself better.  Our mission is rooted in an effort to "pay it forward”...

Veterans helping veterans by providing transitional housing, co-op community, emotional wellness, canine companionship, a chance to rediscover purpose and gain job experience to succeed as contributing citizens in our society.

Where it all began

Creutzburg returned from combat to find himself in a struggling position. He was staring down divorce and couldn’t quite comprehend how he could lead his team of Marines into battle, but couldn’t lead his own household. The darkness didn’t end and before he knew it, Creutzburg found himself homeless, without his best friends. Having lost his two dogs in the divorce, he realized how much dogs impacted him. There was an unbearable void Creutzburg felt without his dogs with him. He ultimately realized the healing power of canine companionship and what it could mean for other veterans. This recollection fueled his fire and eventually laid the foundation for Cammies & Canines. After persevering, beyond his own struggles of homelessness Cammies & Canines was founded to pair other homeless veterans with that same canine companionship Creutzburg once desperately needed.

The dirty truth 

There are over 40,000 veterans, nationwide, on the streets on any given night; with over 1,300 in San Diego alone. On average 22 veterans are committing suicide per day. Veterans are committing suicide at a 50 percent higher rate than those who haven't served. It's our mission to end this rate and lower the homeless veteran population for good.


How we do it

We locate our homeless veterans by canvasing the streets and talking with the homeless community until we find those veterans in need. We provide assistance by aiding them with basic daily needs; providing them with care packages with new socks, new shirt, toothpaste, toothbrush, water, and a meal. The care package is our way of starting the conversation and ultimately finding out what each homeless veteran needs (and if the homeless veteran even wants help).

​If a veteran is in a place to benefit from our programs then we offer co-op housing, sober living environment, food, support groups, community, and much more.  We even provide them an opportunity to grow a loving relationship with a canine! Most of our programs for veterans are hosted at our sanctuary,  a 289-acre property in Dulzura, CA.

It’s our mission to end veteran suicide, veteran homelessness and of course impact the lives of our canine companions. If you know a veteran in need who can benefit from our help please let us know. We need your help to keep our mission alive & thriving.

Cammies & Canines Sanctuary

A 501(c)3 nonprofit branch of Cammies & Canines.  

It’s our mission to impact homeless veterans by providing transitional housing, co-op community, emotional wellness, canine companionship, a chance to rediscover purpose and gain job skills to succeed as contributing citizens in our society.

  • Provided countless hours of support group and peer-to-peer therapy

  • Created numerous hours of employment for homeless veterans

  • Helped homeless veterans receive much needed medical and dental care

  • Rescued dogs that were on the verge of being euthanized and trained them to become service dogs

  • Provided free dog training classes to the public at various locations throughout San Diego

  • Connected with other veterans through our TV show on Animal Planet "Rescue Dog to Super Dog”


We are a 501(c)3 public charity.  Our tax ID is 81-5031896.  Our legal name is "Its Just Puppy Love Inc."

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Tel: (619)468-6860

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Mailing Address

13961 Campo Rd. #592

Jamul, CA 91935

Physical Address

1375 Barrett Lake Rd

Dulzura, CA 91917

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