How to Choose the Best 4 Post Car Lift For Home Garage



When purchasing a 4-post car lift,Mechanic Superstore announced  several factors to consider. These factors include cost, weight capacity, and ease of installation. These factors can help you choose the best lift for your home garage. Here are some tips: Keep in mind: the car lift must be easy to install, and it should have two runways for easier loading and unloading. Additionally, it should have plenty of room for buffer room.


One of the biggest benefits of a four-post auto lift is its stability. Unlike two-post lifts, which tend to wobble and can tip over while raising a vehicle, four-post auto lifts are stable and do not tip. Moreover, four-post auto lifts are typically capable of lifting two vehicles at once. As far as cost goes, a four-post lift can run you anywhere from $2,000 to $4,500. A little more will get you a model with a higher capacity and extra features such as a jack tray and caster kit.

Whether you work on your car yourself or hire a professional, a four-post lift is the perfect tool for your home garage. Having a lift allows you to work underneath your car without hurting your back. Additionally, four-post car lifts are ideal for professionals and independent auto repair shops.

Weight capacity

Whether you are a car enthusiast or are an independent mechanic, a four-post car lift is the ideal tool to have in your garage. The four-post design allows you to work under the car without straining your lower back. This lift is also ideal if you plan to buy a second or third car in the future.

Most 4 post car lifts have a hydraulic-electric system that powers the lift's runway. These runways determine the length of the lift and the usable width. Also, you should consider the amount of buffer space that you will need.

Easy to install

When you want to install a four-post car lift for your home garage, you need to know what your garage ceiling height is and how tall your car is. You can use a simple equation to determine how high your ceiling needs to be in order to install the lift. For example, if you have a 16-foot-long car, you should choose a four-post lift with a height of 104 inches.

Before you begin installing your four-post car lift, make sure to connect all four legs together. Then, connect the connecting brackets at the top and bottom. This keeps all four arms in one motion and will not interfere with your stools and tools.


If you're interested in owning a four-post car lift for your home garage, you have several different options. Many brands offer different features that make them ideal for different types of garages. The X1 Easy Park car lift, for example, is the perfect choice for people with a small garage. The Atlas Garage Pro 9000 is another excellent option for garage owners who have one or two vehicles. It's able to raise your vehicle to nearly seven feet. It also features rubber wheel chocks and approach ramps to maximize your parking space. The garage lift is easy to use, too.

Another option for a home garage is the BendPak HD7P car lift. This lift is made to handle nine thousand pounds of weight. It has an electric motor with a 45-second lifting speed. It also comes with a wheel kit. This lift is ideal for narrow vehicles.


If you're looking for a four post car lift for your garage, there are a few factors you should consider. The first thing is to make sure the lift has the dimensions you need. Then, you should look for extra features that make the lift more useful. These features shouldn't cost much extra compared to a regular lift.

Another factor to consider is the warranty. A four post lift should be backed by a solid warranty. You don't want to risk damaging your new lift in the event of a malfunction. A good warranty will cover the lift for a specified amount of time.